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the Kobe 9 EM "blue" color will be on sale in November 21st, the number of 646701-474. Blue and yellow collocation reveals a campus breath, and part of the shop this shoe has been the first to go on the shelves, interested friends pay more attention to. on the Internet recently exposed the Superhero color Nike KD V version of GS, Superhero and different color models Nike KD V adult Elite, the color GS version still uses the ordinary version of the Nike KD V style, and GS version of Nike KD V and the adult version in color, texture and the outer bottom bottom heel etc. are very different.obvious, this year's flagship Reebok shoe is twenty-five years of classic works Ventilator, in addition to bring a lot of OG first year color, but also launched a number of excellent joint work. But Ventilator Supreme rarely appeared, this time the upgrade will bring two new color design. 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Jordan Air 10 OKC" Black; PE -- March 2014 "Jordan Air 10 PE White/Navy - December 2014 Jordan Air 3 Navy" " PE -- April 2016 Jordan Air 10 OKC" White; PE -- December 2013 "Jordan Air 3 OKC" " PE -- January 2013 source: nicekicksTouched! D of Hongkong Mandarin is so distinctive La, went to Chicago last month to buy core Haan shoes I Jordan 10 city colour series with the red flight boss flat $100 to me! D law sneaker head Hongkong Amy feelings! In the face of problems mostly from no place with Hongkong is not suitable f cheap foamposites or wet day gas reservoir the shoes - this month put the number of goods, the reason from the family (she was born) are not willing to! Then again as well as vice sword shisanyi shatter themselves, this is the most I don't want to see it! Simon brother right shoes to war, death is the best for him! So, I rang FB another place, the original price release, so quickly walk drying! My wife with a neat photo I will d my shoes come out as if back to the young that way, while a road with a photo, a woman is about sports shoes year, star, history! Wife is not as good as you shoot la! Women really do not, men's romance. The most happy when my friends Department settlement settlement when talking about shoes shoes under the! I thank H for many years and both to promote basketball shoes! Thank you 9527, thanks to Simon and brother lead me in the way thx a lot shoe store! Speculation has always been a big problem, no money do not buy a fake is true! I hope H can stir a shoe exhibition, because a class can be a set of brothers! Although I work in China at home, I still go to hk-kicks every day. It's a habit thx al Cheap foamposites for sale l portal: Pay attention to TERMS & beforeAlthough the thunder team has been eliminated in the Western Conference finals, but this pair of playoff high profile appearance KD 9 LMTD Pre-Heat will still come as if. This Flyknit shoes with a gray show, and the flank with metal, silver, Swoosh embellishment, and finally equipped with a full palm Zoom Air air cushion, ending. item: 843396-090 release date: June 20thPrice: nike-kd-9-pre-heat-official-look.jpg (128.62 KB, download times: 6) download attachment Nike KD 9 LMTD Pre-Heat 2016-6-16 upload at 23:35 nike-kd-9-pre-heat-official-look-3.jpg (202.86 KB, download times: 2) download attachment Nike KD 9 LMTD Pre-Heat 2016-6-16 upload at 23:35 nike-kd-9-pre-heat-official-look-4.jpg (106.36 KB, download times: 2) download attachment Nike KD 9 LMTD Pre-Heat 2016-6-16 upload at 23:35 nike-kd-9-pre-heat-official-look-1.jpg (120.35 KB, download times: 2) download attachment Nike KD 9 LMTD Pre-Heat 2016-6-16 upload at 23:35 nike-kd-9-pre-heat-official-look-2.jpg (116.4 KB, download times: 2) download Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale attachment Nike KD 9 LMTD Pre-Heat 2016-6-16 upload at 23:35 nike-kd-9-pre-heat-official-look-5.jpg (87.81 KB, download times: 2) 〉The custom master JBF had a great reputation shoes with BAPE iconic camouflage patterns for Air Jordan launched customized shoes, and shoes in many and highly recognized by the influx of people at the same time, the founder of Nigo A Bathing Ape also intends to uncoil the collaborations. The selection of evergreen tree in Air Jordan 1 as a design template, choose black tannin making shoe body, and the shoe body with camouflage pattern decoration, and the tongue also left the iconic ape head leather brand, finally with white outsole. bape-air-jordan-1-custom-1.jpg (160.83 KB, download times: 0) download attachment A, BAPE, x, Air, Jordan, 1Upload 09:03 2015-6-12 Bape-Air-Jordan-1-Custom copy.Jpg (672.2 KB, download times: 0) download attachment A, BAPE, x, Air, Jordan, 1Upload 09:05 2015-6-12 bape-air-jordan-1-custom-3.jpg (192.75 KB, download times: 0) download attachment A, BAPE, x, Air, Jordan, 1Upload 09:03 2015-6-12 bape-air-jordan-1-cus Cheap air jordans for sale tom-2.jpg (158.46 KB, download times: 0) download attachment A, BAPE, x, Air, Jordan, 1 2015-6-12 09:03 upload Jordan 00 14048788655574.jpg (57.67 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas Originals C-10 2014-7-9 upload at 13:43& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Manchester City just released by Nike Nike designed the 2013/14 season away jersey, Manchester lads in the just-concluded Champions League Manchester City stranger Czech Republic last season's Czech champions Plzen challenge match victory for the first time put on this shirt. The new Manchester City's second road jersey prescribe the left side of the top-down shades shades of blue stripes and a team of team logo embroidered on the left chest junction stripe, navy blue Nike whirlwind Logo embroidered on the right chest shirt, and uses the same navy blue color of the sponsor Etihad Airways logo occupies the central white background, creating a clean and simple appearance, and can serve as sky blue Manchester City tradition. "Pride In Battle" club slogan is printed on the back collar Cheap foamposites for sale tag, jersey shorts and navy blue socks used with a sky-blue color detail. Nike took over from there in Umbro shirt sponsorship of Manchester City's first season, they perfectly mastered the style of the club for Manchester City players to build a great home and away jerseys. Manchester City hope to go further in this season's Champions League journey, the last in the group stage last season they were eliminated. Manchester City this season, the young man in the group stage opponents faced relatively not so tough, a guest at the Allianz Arena last season's Triple Crown challenge Bayern Munich will be the most severe test azure Legion will face, but Bill Mori victory of CSKA Moscow and from Russia should look good deal much, after all, Manchester City in the group stage last season, face a strong opponent is Real Madrid, Dortmund and Ajax. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Apparel IT & nbsp; global fashion brand network.) lower prices have benefited China and made China's economy rise, which has made it difficult for American consumers Retro jordans for sale to abandon China's imports. The American journalist's attempt to leave China this year has given her a new look at the distance between China and the United states. while introducing China to American life, she got a conclusion that China had penetrated into American life. "Made in China" can be seen everywhere in the United States, but it is ultimately the result of economic globalization. reporter: the advantages of Chinese manufacturing are mainly reflected in the labor, land, resources, etc., then, why is today's advantages and disadvantages? What are the underlying causes? Wang Ji: advantage becomes inferior; this is the inexorable law of market economy development. Over reliance on low labor costs, low-cost land resources and so on, we can only get temporary growth. When the tide of Global trade goes into quality, price, and brand success, our success in the past few years will inevitably be rewarded as a result of today's failures. the deepest reason for this, I think is the enterprise strategic problem, an enterprise, an industry only see 35 years of growth, while ignoring the long-term strategic level of sustained growth is not far away. The consciousness of innovation is the most fundamental, we still have a lot of enterprises and industries had immersed in the joy of rapid growth, while ignoring the potential crisis, this is an important cause of China manufacturing is losing the advantage. More importantly, with the deepening of competition, relying solely on labor, land resources and other so-called advantage, but not from the innovation of product innovation, fundamental business model innovation, business management to find the short board, we will face a greater crisis in the industry. reporter: RMB appreciation trend to further speed the possibility is becoming a reality, $1 for 7.1029 yuan RMB to a record high, the China for export-oriented enterprises, RMB appreciation brings crisis and pressure is more and more far-reaching. In addition, international oil prices topped $105 a barrel mark. RMB appreciation and soaring international oil prices, for China's footwear industry, what brought us profound impact? Wang Ji Wan: the rise in resource prices will certainly affect the development of various industries. At present, China's footwear exports highlighted structural contradictions are still prominent, mainly in the export of large quantities of products, but low prices, export enterprises, but small scale, processing more, but its own brand less. In addition, similar to other traditional processing products, China's footwear industry is still at the end of the industrial chain. We lack the ability to control the middle part of the footwear distribution in the international market recently, by two professors, an assistant and 30 well-known apparel enterprises technical backbone of the Scientific Research Institute of Huaguang photography art institute. It is reported that this will be the city of Quanzhou and the province's first research by the school sponsored by shoes. according to Hua Guang Photography Art Institute chairman Wu Qicui, the technical backbone of 30 researchers, the Institute hired, including Fuguiniao Erke, de Erhui Septwolves, 361 degrees, more than a dozen well-known enterprises, they will combine the Labor Department of shoes joint research and development experts proposition, topic, etc. drive and promote the school teaching. At the same time, the Institute will be regularly invited researchers for the student classes, the study of shoes together with the student's fashion style, material and technical content, give students more learning space. after the establishment of the Institute, students can more directly contact reality, broaden their horizons, learn the knowledge that traditional textbooks can not get, and shorten the period of adjustment for students' graduation and employment. In addition, enterprises can also find good, high-quality professionals, and directly introduce factories after graduation, which is very beneficial for students' employment and recruitment of enterprises. for schools, through the joint study with enterprises, the courses they offer will meet the needs of the market more effectively, improve their professional skills more quickly and better, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation between schools and enterprises. (Editor: admin)